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Child Custody Evaluations

I perform a variety of psychological services related to child custody matters. While I conduct full child custody evaluations, I also perform parenting assessments for other child custody professionals, as well as psychological evaluations that are used in child custody cases. My services include:

  • Child custody evaluations
  • Parenting assessments
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Psychotherapy services for children during divorce proceedings
  • Reunification therapy services

Parents are referred for child custody evaluations either directly by the court or by their attorneys. In either case, I require that the involved attorneys either submit a court order designating me as the appointed evaluator or that they furnish a written stipulation signed by both parties to similar effect.

Whenever possible, in child custody litigation, I make every effort to serve the court as an impartial (neutral) expert, rather than as an advocate for either side. To serve optimally in this capacity, I must be free to investigate and consider all interests of the children and the parents involved in these conflicts. I am not hired to work for one party or the other, even if one parent is responsible for the evaluation fee.

The average total cost for a child custody evaluation is in the $4,000 to $7,000 range. Parenting assessments and psychological evaluations typically cost less than this amount. Predicting in advance the exact cost of a particular evaluation is very difficult because I cannot know beforehand: (1) how many interviews will be needed, (2) how many documents will need to be read, (3) how much testing will be required, (4) how many collaterals will need to be contacted, (5) the degree of cooperation and flexibility of the parents in making appointments, providing materials, etc., and (6) whether it will be necessary for me to prepare a report or testify in court.

My fee for in-state court appearances and depositions is $200.00 per hour from the time I leaves my office until the time I return ("portal to portal"). Included in this fee are any charges for preparing for depositions and/or for court testimony. Any extraordinary expenses such as transportation, meal and hotel costs, etc., will be in addition to the hourly fee. The bill for these charges will be submitted to the attorney who subpoenas me and is due prior to scheduling of the testimony time.

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